Leadership Development / Self-Leadership

Leadership needs self-leadership

People cannot NOT grow. But, in the face of the constantly increasing wealth of options on offer today, we increasingly lack awareness of our personal development process.  

Anyone who wants to continue to be a good development partner for themselves needs a safe and structured space in which to clarify personal issues and matters:

  • How do I act on the different stages of life (or do I only react)?
  • How did I become who I am? What is my internal and external narrative?
  • How do I gain access to my inner compass?
  • What are my individual aspirational goals?
  • What are the key principles of human nature and how can I use them for myself in my daily life?
  • How do I find a good balance between tension and relaxation?
  • How satisfied am I with the most important aspects of my life?

External work needs internal work

As leaders we are required to act outwardly. In doing so, our effectiveness becomes visible and, in the best of cases, we manage to leave our footprint. The source of all of our actions and decision is within us. And, because speed is of the essence, we also need tools that make our lives easier, better, more efficient, more satisfying. Just as good tools enable externally. Do we at P1 really have off-the-shelf tools that will enable you – just like a machine – to pull the personal success lever? Honest answer: yes and no.

Let’s talk!

Self-leadership – the direction we look from

What is self-leadership, or even better: how does self-leadership work? As far as the eye can see, no one clear answer.

How do you find out whether our answers match your questions?

A selection of our Quarterlies can provide orientation...

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