Culture Development

Organizational Development / Culture Development
processone fuehrungskraefteentwicklung organisationsentwicklung kulturentwicklung seerosenmodell agileorganisation

Culture (non-)development

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Peter Drucker’s analysis is as right now as it was then – and yet many organizations attempt to develop their culture with the help of time-consuming and costly external initiatives. Often, such initiatives have very little to do with their people’s lived reality, with what they experience, see, sense, perceive in their organization every day. For anyone wanting to explore these realities, there is no way around culture. It is like your own shadow: always there and brutally honest.

Culture is the root, the source of everything that happens and doesn’t happen in the company - but what perhaps should happen.

People are organizations are culture are people.

And that is why we believe in the power of people to create their own culture. In the effectiveness of providing room in which the elements of culture can change and grow. Why? Because that is what we continually experience in our work with organizations who are serious about it.

We shape this space with you and and accompany you throughout your journey. We search for organizational patterns. We reflect and confront. So that culture can develop.

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