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Leading teams: the core task of leadership

What makes your teams special? What makes each your employees special? What makes you stand out as a leader?

Leading teams successfully is a never-ending story - and that’s a good thing!
Why? Why? Because companies, team members, team leaders, management and co. typically face a steady stream of new challenges, and have to familiarize themselves with new projects and take new decisions. The most important task of leaders is to continually re-evaluate situations and react appropriately, because successful teamwork begins with successful team leadership.

But how do you, as a leader, use your social skills in the best way and, in the best case, create a consistent “we” feeling among the individual team members? In our seminars, coaching and training sessions, we not only provide you with the necessary expertise and the right tools for good team leadership, but also work with you on your development as a leader, which will ultimately have a positive impact on how your teams perform.

Successfully leading and developing employees and teams

What makes for good teamwork? A good leader! Because simply leading individual employees is (unfortunately) not the end of the story. Successfully leading a team means questioning every step and constantly re-evaluating the goal. That’s why, as a leader, you should always ask yourself the following questions about your employees and team members:

  • How is my team doing and what is the mood within the group like?
  • Is there anything hindering even more effective teamwork and the success of the team members?
  • What are the factors that influence the team and which ones do I focus on together with the team members?
  • Is there anything blocking communication in teamwork and, hence, the mutually agreed goal?
  • How well am I, as a leader, and all the other team members able to align our expectations of each other?
  • How can goals be established and cooperation improved at the same time?
  • Does my way of leading the team meet with approval or am I on the wrong track?

These are just some of the topics and questions surrounding team leadership that leaders should include in their team leadership tasks. To make this easier, we have developed the Team Culture Wheel, a simple tool that allows you to make an initial assessment of where potential may be lying untapped, where there is a lack of motivation or where more leadership is needed to make success more tangible – for you, your employees and your company. The point scoring system enables you to assess where you and your team members currently are in the processes and, above all, where you want to go.

The Team Culture Wheel

OK, teams develop by themselves, but where to?

Consulting for successful leadership and successful teams

You decide how you want to lead and, consequently, your process of learning how to lead a team should be customized to your needs. That is why we always work on a case-by-case basis.

We will help you forge your own personal path in leadership and management. And of course, despite this there are basic principles that facilitate your own team leadership and that you can easily use for your communication and leadership. After all, these principles – if applied correctly – considerably increase the performance and mood of the team and of each person involved. We have made it our mission to lead you there and guide you to your goal using our expertise and proven tips in individual consultation sessions and seminars. Take a decision now and get in touch! We will be happy to advise you and your team(s)!

There are a wide variety of seminars, coaching sessions, etc. on the subject of team leadership, but what is the right thing for you as a leader, for your company and above all for your employees? Every group has specific issues in its work and every team member has their very own and individual areas they need to work on. There are virtual teams, there are international teams, there are teams with and without team leaders – no two groups are alike and each employee is individual. For this reason, there is no one-size-fits-all seminar that promises real success in team leadership.

Team Leadership: Contact and Consultation

Team leadership: making decisions transparently and quickly

One of the not so easy feats that team leaders are required to achieve in team leadership is to make decisions whilst not losing sight of the goal of the project. At the same time, it is always important not to endanger the individual team members’ motivation and to keep each individual in mind. How can you, as a leader, demonstrate decision-making behavior that is appropriate to the situation? Do you correctly assess the complexity of the tasks on the one hand and your team’s ability to self-organize on the other? Here is our tip for better decision-making: our decision poker cards provide managers and their teams with a tool that can be used quickly, which speeds up decision-making processes in teams enormously while also being great fun. Team leadership should not only be about being serious – team leadership can and should be fun. Try it out and experience the difference it makes to your employees’ mood!

Decision Poker Cards

Driving the success of your company through good leadership

Leading a company or an organization is never easy, but we don’t need to tell you that. With our support, you don’t learn things that leave you with the feeling afterwards that you didn’t get anything out of it. We always take a systemic-constructivist approach to the world and focus our work on you, on the people in your company, and on custom-aligned leadership. We want you and each team member – working together as a team – to experience your own personal success. Contact us for your personal consultation – for forward-looking leadership and teamwork.