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Prototype Workshop

Gain a clearer picture of the right development program for your company.


Half-day workshop (5 - 6 hours)

Target group

Decision makers familiar with organizational development and selected experienced leaders


The aim of the workshop is to identify personal development topics of relevance to the company and to experience they way P1 Consulting works in leadership development programs.

Possible topics/themes

Choose two to three topics or themes that currently promise the best possible benefits for your organizational development:

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  • Reflection on the challenges I face in the leadership arena
  • Successful communication (map model, giving feedback, 4P Communication)
  • Showing appreciation for individuals vs. recognition of behavior/performance
  • Taking on responsibility: analysis tool for individuals and organizational units
  • Motivation - a leadership task?
  • Agile mindset of individuals and organizations
  • Structuring my leadership communication system
  • The “Agile Toolbox”
  • Trends in organizational leadership trends
  • Structuring decision-making processes: new forms of participation and the ideal of organization
  • Dealing with resistance to change
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