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Carsten Waider


During my education, my trainer took me climbing in the mountains for the first time. Challenging myself, planning carefully, being ready to face changing situations and relying on my climbing partner fascinated me and I haven’t forgotten this experience since.

Today, helping people master challenging situations is part of my job. In the process, it helps to remember that fear and curiosity are core emotions that we humans experience when the need to develop makes itself known.

Three questions for Carsten Waider

First contact with the digital era?
Playing Winter Games on the C64 at the age of 10

Favorite corporate buzzword?
We should really think out loud about this.

What would you do if you could take a year off?
Grab my rucksack and set off on the Camino de Santiago!

What others say about Carsten Waider

“When it comes to visualization and flip chart design, Carsten’s motto is: bigger, quicker, better!” – Paolina Virga

“Carsten’s precision in formulating what he wants to say and distinguishing between important and unimportant things means he is always a very valuable member of the team. His friendly approachability when contacting participants and colleagues ranges from spiritual profundity to childlike playfulness. This alone makes every minute with him very pleasant. However, it is also worth noting that when you are in Carsten’s vicinity, all culinary questions rarely remain unanswered for long.&rdquo – Lucas Lossen

More about Carsten Waider

 German, English, Spanish

Consultancy, Coaching and Training in the following areas:

Management Development Programs, Process-oriented Training courses on the subjects of Leadership, Team Development, Change Management and Transition Management, Process Facilitation, Train-the-Trainer in-person/virtual workshops

  • Degree in Special Needs Education, majoring in adult education, at the University of Applied Sciences Jena“
  • Certificate as Intercultural Trainer and Coach, Faculty of Economics and Business, Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Professional Career
  • Since 2011 Trainer and Consultant at P1
  • 2006 - 2011 Head of an Education Department at the Diocese of Würzburg, building and leading training programs
  • Since 2008 Trainer of adventure instructors and rope garden trainers at the Centrum für Erlebnispädagogik, Volkersberg
  • Previously Inhouse Consultant at the Akademie für Führungskräfte der Wirtschaft GmbH
  • Co-author of the book “Wirkungsimpulse von Erlebnispädagogik und Outdoor-Trainings” (Impact Impulses of Experiential Education)
Further Education
  • Facilitator and Train-the-Trainer at Neuland & Partner
  • Advanced training in systemic transaction analysis, organizational constellation work and NLP
  • Ropes course trainer, mountain bike guide and paramedic
  • Licensed for Insights Discovery, CapTain Advanced and Reiss Profiles