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Heide Ebeling

Network Partner

What opened my eyes was the first ever business simulation I took part in. I was a bit of a rookie as financial controller in a holding company. The work was fun, but I felt separate from the rest of the corporate group. Then came the business simulation on the topic of financial management. Suddenly, right in front of me on the “playing board” was the WHOLE company.

I could see how everything fitted together, the way the parts influenced each other, and I had now found answers to a lot of questions. And you did everything yourself: acquiring customers (thrilling!), preparing the balance sheet and the income statement (really curious to know if the bottom line is positive or negative!) and planning the next year (optimistic ☺).

In the meantime, I now conduct the simulations myself.

Three questions for Heide Ebeling

First contact with the digital era?
My first company cellphone – felt like it weighed a ton and the size of a small bus. And I always took it with me rather than leave it in my car when I went into the hardware store – wouldn't want it to get stolen!

The page is empty. Now what?
On long car journeys I have my best ideas!

What drives you?
As a consultant: Finance is fun!

What others say about Heide Ebeling

“Heide is an interactive financial dictionary. She effortlessly explains the background to financial contexts to me, things I do not even understand on a superficial level. I particularly like it when she takes her own small mistakes to task, mistakes that only she notices. Has a cell phone so that she doesn’t have to answer it. Makes fantastic musli.” Christian Wierlacher

“Heide is the epitome of reliability and is very open and kind with the clear-minded perspective of someone from north Germany. But if the promised breakfast cereal doesn’t makes it ways out of the kitchen, you’ll get to hear about it!” Lucas Lossen

More about Heide Ebeling

German, English

Professional Career
  • Since 2013 Trainer at P1
  • 2008 - 2013 Investment Controller, “New Formats Lab” corporate development, Metro AG
  • 1999 - 2008 Trainer and investment Controller in Planning & Controlling, Metro AG
  • 1996 - 1998 Site Planner for all Group companies, Metro AG
  • 1994 - 1996 Site Planner, Hellweg DIY stores
Further Education
  • Trainer training at Neuland & Partner
  • Facilitator training at Metaplan
  • Multi-level training as Financial Controller at the Controllerakademie

Bachelor in Geography and Business Administration, Politics and Public Law at the University of Göttingen and University of Exeter (GB)

Work Focus

Training in financial controlling and finance, particularly business simulations/business games, business cases and capital budgeting, train-the-trainer, facilitation and presentation training