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Lena Brandes


When I started climbing, a climbing instructor said to me, ”you must fully visualize your route in advance and feel properly secured to the rock face” At the time, I thought I wouldn’t be able to plan every step ahead and make sure everything is 100% secure. When I started doing it, I found that the two things made sense. Suddenly I found it easy to put things into practice.

Despite all the planning, there is always more than one way to reach the summit, and sometimes the weather just doesn’t play ball. We are all unique and should be allowed to develop the right techniques that best suit our needs.

It gives me great satisfaction to be able to create added value with my approach to mutual learning, experimentation, and sometimes even failing together. This makes the world of work more agile, more courageous, more joyful and more human.

Three questions for Lena Brandes

In my next life I will be:
An inventor. I’ve wanted to be one since I was a child.

Do we need that?
No, we can always make something out of it.

And what do we do now?
I don’t really know yet either, but I have an inkling. Let’s get started and see what develops.

What others say about Lena Brandes

"It’s truly remarkable to watch Lena juggle so many tasks effortlessly while still maintaining a clear focus on the overall goals. Her organized, dedicated, and practical mindset are invaluable traits. What’s equally impressive is her readiness to provide guidance, feedback, and assistance whenever needed, making her a highly respected facilitator within our team. Her ability to connect with others through charm and approachability consistently opens up fresh intellectual horizons." – Henning Keber

"Lena is a treasure trove of experience, methodology expertise, and practical insight. She continually generates well-founded, innovative ideas suitable for any situation, laying a sturdy foundation for confident facilitation, even in tough environments. Her approach remains consistently pragmatic, cutting straight to the heart of implementation. Coupled with her clear-cut communication style and acute perception of underlying dynamics, Lena excels at uncovering resonances between people and ideas." – Janina Hantke

More about Lena Brandes

German, English

Support for development and change processes for individuals, groups and organizations, leadership development, learning and training during transformation processes

Professional Career
  • Since 2022 Consultant, Coach & Trainer at P1
  • Since 2011 Freelance Consultant, Trainer and Coach
  • 2008 - 2011 Consultant at Kienbaum Management Consultants, Staufenbiel, PWS Managementberatung
  • 2000 - 2007 Travel Consultant, TUI Business Travel
Further Education
  • Agile Organizational Development, Schroeder/Oestereich, Hamburg
  • Conflict Management, MEI Heidelberg
  • Systemic Consulting I and II, ISB Wiesloch
  • Supervisor DGSv
  • Group Dynamics Training, University of Klagenfurt
  • Organizational Laboratory, University of Klagenfurt
  • Continuous Peer Learning in Intervision Groups
  • M.A. in Multidimensional Organizational Consulting, University of Kassel
  • B.A. in Teaching, Learning and Training Psychology, University of Erfurt