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Lucas Lossen


“It’s just like riding a bike – you will never unlearn it” – a wonderful way of looking at creating learning experiences, in my view. And indeed cycling has been part of me all my life and it is an excellent reminder about maintaining balance in life. It would have to be a child’s bike, because I grow as a result of and with my children, while always being the one who leads. And it's more fun.

Three questions for Lucas Lossen

You are a bottle of beer: where do you want to be opened?
With a friend of mine on top of a mountain we have just climbed together.

First contact with the digital era?
Back in the 80s I peered over my brother’s shoulder at the screen of a Commodore 64. Most of the time he was playing “Digger” with its display of purple and white pixels. It was extremely rare for to play myself, because I first had to get past said shoulders.

What drives you?
Purpose and belonging. And in combination particularly so. What I mean is that, when someone important to me supports me with something that I feel has purpose, then I get cracking. I also find it great fun when I can put things into practice and see what I have managed to do and have accomplices around me to hash out ideas together. #ThisMayBeTrueForManyPeople,ButItIsEspeciallyTrueForMe

What others say about Lucas Lossen

“There is just not enough space here to describe all of Lucas’ positive qualities. Put simply, he is a bundle of energy and is just as enthusiastic at the 11 p.m. closing session after a long seminar day as he is at breakfast in the hotel the following morning. His online experiential learning skills are outstanding and there is one aspect that absolutely needs to be emphasized: nobody can give clear, tactful and on-the-money feedback quite like him!” – Heide Ebeling

“I consider Lucas to be a linguistic poet! He has the ability to put even highly charged topics into words in such an appreciative way that they can be grasped and embraced with head, heart and soul. I always enjoy listening to him, diving deep into his metaphorical world of words and coming out the other end full of brand new perspectives.” – Mareike Ehlers

More about Lucas Lossen

German, English

Leadership Development, Team Development, Coaching, Experiential Learning Formats - Virtual and In-Person, Experiential Development, Development and Testing of Digital Formats, Tools and Methods

  • Bachelor of Arts in social work, Hochschule Fulda University of Applied Sciences. Focus of studies: supervision, coaching and consultancy; adventure education and outdoor training
Professional Career
  • Since 2008 Trainer at P1
  • Since 2003 Team Trainer, Adventure Instructor and Event Manager
  • Head of Multiplier Seminar in Adventure Education
  • Tutor at Hochschule Fulda University of Applied Sciences in the field of adventure education


Further Education
  • Systemic Consulting and Management in Organizations I and II, isb Wiesloch
  • Trainer training at homiaté - andyamo - dart-consulting
  • Licensed for MBTI
  • Outdoor trainer training as part of "erlebnistage.deutschland" trainee programm
  • Practical training in adventure education at "erlebnistage.bayerischer wald" in accordance with the regulationsof the Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Erlebnispädagogik GFE e.V.
  • High rope park trainer training at Skyrope, Bad Harzburg