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Natalie Seibert

Instigator of marketing, finance & projects

When I’m not working, I like to jump on my motorcycle – as a passionate passenger – and explore the region. I really love throwing together a few self-made treats and a large blanket that I will spread everything out on and live life to the fullest. Nature, good food or a deep, meaningful conversation – I enjoy everything. This is when I recharge the batteries that power me in my creative job.

Three questions for Natalie Seibert

In my last life I was:
A civil servant.

Still to be invented:
A universal cable compatible with all computer ports in the world.

Oh oh, power cut – what now?
Um, is the big powerbank fully charged?

What others say about Natalie Seibert

“A consummate all-rounder – it never fails to impress me how Natalie juggles the very contradictory issues of marketing and finance and somehow manages to integrate this variety and diversity into her daily life. Once the coffee kicks in, there is no holding Natalie back.” – Paolina Virga

“Natalie is an extraordinary listener. And when you manage to get a question in – whoosh, she skillfully volleys back at you with a counter-question. On top of this, she absorbs information like a sponge, no, more like an octopus.” – Petra Peres