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Janina Hantke


My curiosity in people has been driven by the many different characters surrounding me since I was a child. Today, I never fail to be amazed at the complexity and circularity of our actions and the inevitable praxadoxes that arise, particularly in the contexts of social systems. Recognizing the patterns, enabling them to be shaped and take effect, clearly structured and communicated – that is what I love doing. Being open to whatever comes next, even if it is the next pile of leaves.

Three questions for Janina Hantke

First contact with the digital era:
Prepping my final high school exams with my mother’s 386 and a modem that announced through a monotonous beeping sound that making a phone call was just not going to happen, as well as websites that took 10 minutes to load.

Another way to say “leave me alone, I’m done for the day”:
Headphones on, music loud, and dancing.

How does change succeed?
Inside you: exploring internally, experimenting externally

What others say about Janina Hantke

“Sorry, how many first names do you have, Janina? I hope at least two of them mean ‘change’ and ‘fearlessness.’” - Sven Fissenewert

“What fascinates me about Janina is her inner clarity paired with a discernible desire to ‘go for the goal’ – a combination that I particularly appreciate when collaborating with her." - Reinhard Schmitt

More about Janina Hantke

German, English

People-centric leadership & organization, cultural change and communication – in training programs, consulting and coaching, with a focus on leaders, teams and organizations.

  • Degree in Economics majoring in Systemic Organizational Psychology and Media Economics & Management at Witten/Herdecke University
Professional Career
  • Since 2021 Consultant, Coach & Trainer at P1
  • 2018 - 2020 Director of Events at publisher Der Tagesspiegel GmbH
  • 2010 - 2017 Owner & Managing Director of frauHantke events
  • 2008 - 2010 Divisional Manager Handelsblatt Junge Karriere, Handelsblatt Perspektiven & Produktfamilien
Further Education
  • Systemic Organizational Consulting at Simon, Weber and Friends (until 02/2022)
    Certified (QRC) & Systemic Coach
  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC) by Marshall B. Rosenberg
  • Agile Coach, incl. PSPO I, PSM I